Corporate Events


Celebrate a company milestone at sea

Do you wish to organize a fun and productive corporate outing for your teammates? No need to look further because, at Royal Star Yachts, we can do that and much more!

Corporate Events are enormously advantageous for any serious company competing in today's global market because these events offer a wide range of amazing and possibly profitable benefits. However, the challenge for many businesses is to guarantee that the event is well organized and carried out in a professional manner.

Royal Star Yachts guarantees to provide a professional service for corporate events and at the same time give participants a fun and memorable experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Host Another Event with us


Want to have that specific theme party that you had wished for in the longest time? Book Royal Star Yachts today and we will make it happen! Royal Star Yachts has hosted many amazing yacht dinner parties through the years.


Birthday parties are a way to rejoice a milestone in one’s life and a lively party is also a great way to shake off the fact that we’re all getting older! Celebrate a loved one’s birthday in style onboard our Royal Star Yachts. We can create an experience onboard for the celebrant and guests to enjoy.


Here is the opportunity to charter a private yacht to enhance the time spent with family and friends! At Royal Star Yachts, we want you to have the best bonding moments with the people who matter most! What are you waiting for? Take time off today!