Barbecue Grills

Cook meat over blazing hot charcoal

Barbeque grills are absolutely loved by everyone. Whether you are a fitness freak or you have immense love for food, barbeque grills are ideal for everyone. Smoking and barbequing have some special regional presence; i.e. it is done in various manners in the different parts of the world. Dubai has an amazing way of grilling and barbequing which make the city popular for its barbeque grills. Barbeque is not only about the corn and potatoes served simply but it is much more than that. Our barbeque grills are amazingly flavored with plenty of sauces and spices, plus an additional touch given by the professionals. Barbequed fodder in Dubai includes extra chewy calamari, salmon, chicken, prawns, and much more. It also offers vegetarian kebabs for vegetable lovers. Barbeque grills in Dubai are loved by the residents and tourists. There are plenty of opportunities for the foodies to explore the tastes of Dubai. The smoked and grilled food, having western and Italian flavors make it even more delicious. There is absolutely no comparison of the barbeque grills the city offers. You would not be able to stop yourself from licking your fingers.

Royal Star Yachts offer exotic cuisines to our guests. We make wonderful dining arrangements for our guests and serve the most scrumptious flavors of Dubai food. We make you taste the traditional Emirati cuisines and also the very famous barbeque grills of Dubai. We have professional chefs who make a deluxe platter for your trip. We serve the best quality food to the tourists because our barbeque grills are tremendous in taste. We serve them in various flavors including the spicy Indian touch and the Italian touch. We serve the best platter to our tourists ensuring that there is no compromise in taste. We also customize the barbeque grills according to our customers’ choice of sauces and flavors. Royal Star Yachts offer the best food throughout the cruise to make your trip amazing.